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We are a more than 2 decades old company, passing the legacy of food & agriculture to generations. Shubham Nutri Foods is a joint venture of Ganesh Ginning Factory(1998) & Shubham Foods(2021). Both the parent companies have vast experience & are running successfully, setting new records every day. To explore one more vertical in the same segment, Shubham Nutri Food was brought into existence in the year 2022.

Shubham Nutri Food presents to you one of the finest quality Peanut Butter & Peanut Paste that is not only good in taste but cents per cent original & organic. With high-tech machinery, trained labour, food-tech experts, exotic flavours, quality, affordable pricing & handy packing; we are ready to set new records in this segment as well.

The art of Machineries & Production defines the real value of any manufacturing company. It has been our collaboration with USA, China And India which has made Shubham Nutri Foods a plant of diversity and perfection. It has been these joint ventures which have made an exceptional capacity of 20 metric tons per day.

Quality is everyone’s responsibility at Subham Nutri Foods & for that very reason strong quality team works on Hygiene at each stage of production. Not just that! It occupies In-House Microbiology testing Lab, Chemical Lab for Aflatoxin, Moisture of Raw Material and GSM checked for Packaging Material & other necessary testings.

The lifeblood of our business is that R&D spends. That makes us the company we are today and it’s those people who, with their efforts, have given us a shelf full of peanut butter products. At least 15 different types of just peanut butter. They are updated with best technology to rectify the Texture, Fineness & Product in depth with imported equipment.

Though our biggest victory is with our geographical location. E.d Talaja – Gujarat (Coast by the Arabian Sea). It’s the largest peanut farming belt in India and from where 70% of peanuts are farmed, processed and exported worldwide. That keeps us in 24×7 around peanut supply in the shortest lead time.